sure1 [ ʃur ] adjective ***
1. ) certain that something is real, true, or correct:
I think she's called Monica, but I'm not sure.
sure (that): Are you sure these figures are right?
I was sure that I had left my keys on the counter.
sure about: If you're really sure about the facts, we'll publish them.
not sure how/why/if etc.: No one is really sure why he resigned.
pretty sure (=fairly certain): I'm pretty sure the pool is open until 6:00.
a ) certain about what you feel, what you want, or what you have decided:
I'll take the blue one. Are you sure?
not sure how/why/where etc.: They're not really sure where they want to live.
quite/absolutely sure: I'll certainly support you, if you're quite sure that this is what you want.
b ) confident and not in any doubt about something:
sure of: If you're not sure of the answers, say so.
sure of yourself: He sounded so sure of himself that I began to believe him.
feel sure (that): I felt sure I could do it if only they'd give me a chance.
2. ) certain to happen or result:
sure to do something: If you get drunk tonight, you're sure to feel rotten in the morning.
a sure thing/bet (=something that will definitely happen): Everyone thought it was a sure thing, and we were amazed when they pulled out.
for sure: One thing is for sure, I'm never going skydiving again!
a ) usually before noun FORMAL certain to succeed:
He took sure aim and squeezed the trigger.
a sure path to success
3. ) strong and firm:
in the sure grip of a powerful emotion
His handshake was sure and confident.
4. ) used about something that is definite and cannot be questioned or doubted:
a sure command of the facts
a sure memory for names
a sure sign/indication (=a clear and definite sign that something is true): The increase in new home sales is a sure sign the recession is over.
be sure to do something SPOKEN
used for reminding someone to do something:
Be sure to fasten your seatbelt.
make sure
1. ) to check something so that you can be sure about it:
I think I locked it but we'd better make sure.
make sure (that): I just wanted to make sure you knew where to go.
make sure of: Always make sure of your facts before accusing anyone.
2. ) to take the action necessary to be sure that something will happen or be done:
make sure (that): Police were there to make sure there was no violence.
sure thing SPOKEN
1. ) used for agreeing to something:
Can you give me a hand moving this table? Sure thing.
2. ) AMERICAN used as a reply when someone thanks you:
Thanks for your call, Joe. Sure thing.
to be sure SPOKEN FORMAL
used for admitting that something is true, before you say something that seems to be the opposite of this:
To be sure, most people are law-abiding, but crime remains a problem.
╾ sure|ness noun uncount
sure 2 [ ʃur ] adverb ***
1. ) SPOKEN used for saying yes or agreeing to something:
Can I borrow your green sweater? Sure, no problem.
a ) used as a reply when someone thanks you:
I really appreciate all your help. Sure, anytime.
2. ) INFORMAL used for emphasizing what you are saying:
It sure looks like it's going to snow.
sure as hell: I sure as hell didn't spend all that money for a car that doesn't run.
3. ) INFORMAL used before a statement for admitting that something is true, especially when you then say something that is opposite:
Sure, it's a good deal. I just don't think I can afford it.
for sure
1. ) definitely:
I will call you tomorrow for sure.
Are you going on Friday? I don't know for sure.
that's for sure: Ashe was an incredible tennis player, that's for sure.
2. ) AMERICAN SPOKEN used for agreeing with someone:
Let's have lunch together next week. For sure.
sure enough
used for saying that something happened exactly as you thought it would:
I had a feeling we'd get lost, and sure enough, we did.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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